How to Lessen the Time You Spend in Using Cellphones

Cellphone addiction is one of the serious threats of our society today. Due to the advancement of technology, a lot of enticing apps compelled the phone users to hold their devices more than the tolerable duration. If this takes a long run, it will affect the health status of the phone users. This is apart from the fact that mobile devices induced that isolation aura that greatly affects one’s personal relationships with the family and loved ones.

To resolve the problem on irresponsible using of handheld devices, one of the contributors of the online platform Reddit with a pseudo name mukalodric provide some tips. Read the details of his tips below.

How can you Control Your Phone Usage

  1. Gauge Your Utilization.
    One way of controlling the cellphone usage is by tracking down the duration of your utilization. In other words, you will set a maximum length of time in holding your phone. Experts suggest that every one hour of straight phone usage, there must be a 5-minute break. You can track your phone usage manually, or you can download third-party software to get the job done fast. For iOS phones, Screen Time app is available; while for Android, you can install the Digital Wellbeing application.
  2. Set Your Phone Idle.
    Another technique to limit your phone usage is by keeping your cellphone less addictive. You can do this by deleting games and applications that are not important and yet consume most of your time.
  3. Limit Your Access.
    If you want a radical way of cutting the time you spend in using cellphones, might as well keep it inside an isolated compartment. You can place your phone inside your car’s glove box, or any other areas that are hard to reach.
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