Must-try Local Dishes in Portugal

Europe is well-known for its wide variety of dishes. Wherever town or country you intend go, there will always be a local dish that you must try. One of the most culinary-eccentric countries in Europe is Portugal. The country is known for its freshest seafood, high-quality olive oils, cheeses that are aged to perfection, and mouthwatering wines. If you have a car with you on your trip to Portugal, here are a few restaurants that have the best local dishes for you to try.

Guia’s Piri Piri Chicken

Located just 30 minutes away from Faro Airport is the quaint village of Guia. The town is mainly known for the Zoomarine Park. However, tourists tend to try Guia’s most popular dish during their visit – the Piri Piri chicken.

Piri Piri chicken is prepared by marinating the chicken in a spicy marinade. It is composed of bird’s eye chili, garlic, lemon juice and salt. It will be then be barbecued after marinating. The most popular place to try the Piri Piri chicken is the Restaurante Ramires. It has been serving the dish since it opened in 1964.

Lisbon’s Pastéis de Nata

The capital city of Lisbon is known for its myriad of restaurants, a few of which are Michelin-starred. But if you want to try something simple and laidback, then you should try the Pastéis de Nata. It is a sweet Portuguese custard tart that is very popular among the locals.

The best place to try Pastéis de Nata is at the Pastéis de Belém near the Jerónimos Monastery. It has been making the tarts way back in 1837. They follow an undisclosed recipe that came from the monastery. The tarts are still the same as they were almost two centuries ago.

Cascais’ Arroz de marisco

30 minutes away from Lisbon is the town of Cascais. It is a coastal town that is known for its rich blue sea and sandy beaches. They are known for their fresh seafood that can be easily caught from its rich seas.

When you are in town, you should try the Arroz de marisco. It is a mix of seafood which is cooked with rice and a creamy sauce. Try this dish at the Marisco na Praça restaurant in Cascais’ market.

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