The Cosmic Artwork of Carol Prusa

Known for her breathtaking artworks of the space and the galaxy, renowned artist Carol Prusa continues to invade the world of art through her works. Her artworks consist of paintings and sculptures that explore the fine line between light and darkness. Know the story behind her and her artworks as you continue reading the article.

The story behind her artworks

She started to become interested in the cosmic and intergalactic art as she learned about the formation of the solar system when she was in middle school. Among all the theories, the big bang is the most interesting on her point of view. Aside from that, she is also interested in doing artworks related to science, mathematics and history.

But what makes her unique among other artists is her signature technique in creating her artworks. Her signature technique is named “silverpoint.” It is a technique where she puts a stick or wire of silver and put it inside a wooden rod. This, in turn, can be used as a pencil and “write” or “draw” on any kinds of surfaces. It is a technique that has been in use since the medieval era.

Her artworks and the exhibit

Carol Prusa currently has all of her artworks showcased on an exhibit. It features her latest collection of prints, sketches, and other artworks that are made by her. This includes the dome-shaped figures that are being lighted using artificial lights from its inside. The exhibit also honors the works and the successes of the female astronomers that are brilliant yet often underrated and overlooked.

The exhibit is also in time for the golden anniversary of the day when man first stepped on the moon. This also aims to widen and grow the interest of everyone about the mysteries and the wonders of the universe.

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