Why Luxury Pools Could Make Your Vacay Unforgettable

Visiting the most beautiful luxury hotels and resorts in the world is a great way to buffer your tiring week. But if you want to experience total enjoyment, make sure to select a resort or hotel with an extraordinary swimming pool.  You must always remember that spending a few hours in the pool helps you regain your optimum health status.

To help you find the best pool available in the world today, just read the following information.

Top 5 Luxury Suites and Resorts With Breath-taking Pools

  1. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. With the largest infinity pool intricately built on its rooftop, the Marina Bay Sands Hotel is undoubtedly the best place to spend your vacation. Aside from the extravagant pool, this 57-floor hotel has other things to offer, like the spectacular view overlooking Marina Bay.
  2. The Joule, Dallas. It has an Adam Tihany-designed pool with a glass wall that would surely challenge the most extreme daredevils of the world.
  3. Casa Chameleon at Las Catalinas, Costa Rica. This resort is home to the fire-splashing swimming pool in the middle of the 21 villas that surround this resort in Costa Rica.
  4. Ladera Resort Saint Lucia. Despite its four-floor built, this luxury hotel in the Carribean is still a great place to visit. It has several private pools equipped with whimsical swings. The experience of bathing above the Carribean Sea is incomparable that you will always come back to this place in your next vacation.
  5. Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea. The main attraction of this five-star hotel is its one-of-a-kind serenity pool. You will surely enjoy watching the beautiful scenery along the coast of its neighboring Lanai Island; and of course the breath-taking ridge of the Maui Mountains.

These are enough suggestions to ensure that your next vacation would become a memorable one. Don’t underestimate the experience you’ll get from the swimming pool; otherwise, you’ll miss some of the most memorable moments of your life!

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